Before I spent 5 weeks in China I didn’t realize the incredible appeal Toronto has to our Chinese friends. China is a beautiful rich country. It is changing so fast that it is hard to keep up with it. Ordinary people are now multi millionaires swept up in the economic boom they have experienced over the last decade.

Canada offers something the Chinese people, with all their money can not buy in their country. And it is the simple things that matter most. Our blue skies and fresh air are constant reminders of how very fortunate we are to live in Canada. We have some of the best universities and health care options. Our diverse country, rich in both natural resources and wide open spaces, fascinate the Chinese. We underestimate how fortunate we are to live in a politically stable and open environment.

Condo prices have increased but in no means are they equivalent to what one pays in China. Buying a condo in Toronto seems like a true bargain. When I see the number of Chinese who are making our great country their home, I smile and welcome them to our great country. They have much to offer and we as Canadians should be proud they want to make Canada their home.